Your first game! Part 1: Mov...

Assuming you now understand the very basics by which GameMaker: Studio operates (and if you don’t I highly recommend reading my article on said basics) we can now dive in and start actually using the software to build something playable! This tutorial series aims to recreate the...

Understanding Game Maker

This tutorial aims to explain the basics of how Game Maker functions.

Pause Menu #2

Another method for pausing your game.

Planestroller: 48 hour timel...

A game made in GM in just 48 hours for Ludum Dare 30.

Pause Menu #1

One of the simplest and surprisingly flexible method available for pausing gameplay in GameMaker.

Enemies & Ledges

How to make your goomba style enemies not walk off ledges and edges.

Double Jump Tutorial

Double jumping in your platformer

The Step Events

explanation of the three different step events in game maker, as well as event order in general.