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Written Tutorials

Some people prefer to learn via written tutorials as opposed to video, and find that articles are easier to follow at their own pace.

Tutorial Description Difficulty
Understanding Game Maker This beginner tutorial explains what Sprites, Backgrounds, Rooms and Objects are and how they work together. star
Your First Game! – Part 1 Moving Around. Let's build Asteroids! This first lengthy tutorial covers the very basics of making a spaceship move around. star
Your First Game! – Part 2 Shooting Stuff. Making a bullet and firing it! star
Your First Game! – Part 3 Collisions. Making asteroids that you can blow up, and that can blow you up! star
Platformer Basics The basics of setting up a platform game using about 40 lines of GML script. starstar


Just getting started? Opened GM and don’t know what to do next?  These tutorials will guide you through the basics of making objects, moving them around and having them shoot stuff!

Tutorial Description YouTube GMX Difficulty
Your First Game! – Part 1 Making an asteroids style game from scratch with no prior experience. button_yt n/a star
Your First Game! – Part 2 Shooting stuff! button_yt n/a star
Your First Game! – Part 3 Asteroids and collision masks. button_yt n/a star
GameMaker Basics Absolute beginners guide to the fundamentals of game maker. button_yt n/a star
Basic Movement – Drag & Drop A guide to basic movement using only D&D actions button_yt n/a star
Basic Movement – GML How to accomplish the same movements and more using simple GML code! button_yt n/a starstar
Basic Shooting Using basic GML code to make an object shoot another object button_yt n/a starstar
Alarms and Shooting Using code and alarms to make your shooting a bit fancier button_yt n/a starstar
Rotating Objects Changing the angle of an object button_yt n/a starstar
Enemies and Hitpoints Creating something to shoot at! button_yt n/a starstar
Cameras and Views How to set up a basic camera and have it follow the player button_yt n/a star
Error Messages How to understand the most common GM error message button_yt n/a star

General Tutorials

These tutorials explain general GM concepts that can be applied to many different kinds of game. Some of them were designed with a specific genre in mind but can easily be applied elsewhere.

Tutorial Description YouTube GMX Difficulty
Sprite Origins A lot of beginner problems are routed in not understanding sprite origins button_yt n/a star
Particle Effects Create a simple snowfield effect using GM's particle system button_yt n/a starstar
Animations How to set up animations and swap between them button_yt n/a starstar
Android Setup Setting up the Android module of GM:S button_yt n/a starstar
Text & Signposts Drawing some basic text to the screen button_yt n/a starstar
Text boxes 1 Drawing text animated one letter at a time button_yt button_gmx starstarstar
Screen Shake Create a simple screen shake effect button_yt button_gmx starstar
Automatic Wall Tiles Walls that automatically pick the correct sprite to tile with neigbouring walls button_yt button_gmx starstarstar
Moving Between Areas Changing from one room to the next using warp triggers button_yt n/a starstarstar
Transitions: Fade in/out How to make changing from one room to the next look a little nicer button_yt button_gmx starstar
Loading & Saving 1 How to save and load game information from text files button_yt button_gmx starstar
Loading & Saving 2 How to save and load game information from .INI files button_yt button_gmx starstarstar
Encryption How to mask saved information so that players cannot easily modify it button_yt n/a starstarstar
Pausing 1 A simple and effective pause system button_yt n/a starstar
Pausing 2 A second pause method button_yt button_gmx starstar
Inventory System An indepth look at how to set up an inventory system button_yt button_gmx starstarstar
Inventory Expanded An example of a simple way to expand upon the inventory system button_yt button_gmx starstarstar
Basic Menu Systems Menus that the player can navigate with the keyboard button_yt n/a starstarstar

Platformer Tutorials

Platformers are a popular choice for budding game developers and designers alike. A stalwart genre that has been refined to an artform over the years. The following tutorials are built with the goal of getting you to understand how to create the fundamental aspects of a 2d platform game.

Tutorial Description YouTube GMX Difficulty
Platformer Basics Setting up the basics of a platformer engine using GML button_yt button_gmx starstar
Powerups How to add temporary "power ups" that make the player jump higher. button_yt button_gmx star
Enemies Setting up basic enemies that walk around and can be jumped on. button_yt button_gmx starstar
Enemies & Ledges How to have your enemies not jump off ledges. button_yt button_gmx starstar
Checkpoints Respawn points that activate when the player touches them. button_yt button_gmx starstar
One-way Platforms One directional platforms that the player can jump through from underneath button_yt button_gmx starstar
Moving Platforms Horizontal moving platforms. button_yt button_gmx starstar
Double Jump Adding the classic double jump mechanic to a platform game button_yt button_gmx starstar
Wall Jump The ability to jump while touching a wall. button_yt n/a star
Animations Setting up walk, idle, jump and fall animations for a platform game button_yt button_gmx starstar
Collision Masks Some important information about collision masks as a follow up to the animation tutorial button_yt n/a star
Variable Jump Height A really basic modification allows the player to jump higher the longer they hold down jump. button_yt button_gmx star

Legacy Videos

(This series is in the process of being re-made and updated but still contains a lot of useful and relevant information in very popular subjects.)

Tutorial Description YouTube GMX
Drag and Drop Platformer Making a basic platformer only using the drag and drop logic button_yt button_gmx
In Depth Platformer Special An extensive GML platformer video. (Obsoleted by this tutorial) button_yt button_gmx
Double Jump Adding a 'double jump' to the platform game. button_yt n/a
Jump through platforms Platforms that you can jump through but not fall through. button_yt button_gmx
Slopes Allowing the player to walk over curved surfaces and slopes. button_yt n/a
Corner Collisions Dealing with the causes of common corner collision bugs. button_yt n/a
Ladders Adding climbable ladders to your platform engine. button_yt button_gmx